The hiring process for becoming a Deputy Sheriff includes, but is not limited to, the following:


STEP ONE (Entry Level Applicants):

Written Exam and Physical Agility Test (PAT) through Public Safety Testing

** Local/Washington applicants register at Public Safety Testing for a test near you.

** Out of state applicants, please visit Public Safety Testing Out of State.

– Tips and study guides for the written exam are available for purchase on the public safety testing website. They can be found here.

– The PAT is conducted directly following successful completion of the Written Exam. Don’t forget a change of clothing to wear for the physical test!

– View/Read tips and information regarding what to expect for the PAT which can be found here.

Additional questions regarding testing or test location.

** Once you have completed your Public Safety Test, and have received confirmation your passing scores have been received by Civil Service, please visit the Spokane County Sheriff’s Office website.

– Select the “We’re Hiring” button at the bottom of the page.

– Click on ‘Current Openings’ on the left side of your screen. This will take you to all open County postings. Click on ‘Deputy Sheriff Entry Level (Civil Service)’.

– Read through the entire job posting, paying special attention to the minimum requirements. If you feel you meet these requirements, you may submit an application.

– To submit your application, scroll to the top of the job posting, click ‘Apply’.

– Clicking ‘Apply’ will redirect your web browser to You will need to create an account, answer all sections on the application completely and truthfully, including the supplemental questions. Finally, before submitting, all additional required documents must be uploaded to your application. Applications without the following documents will not be accepted:

a. Driver’s license
b. DD 214, Member Form 4 (if applicable)
c. Permanent Resident Card (if applicable)

– All applicants must have sealed, official transcripts from their highest level of education sent directly to Spokane County Civil Service, 6011 N. Chase Rd., Newman Lake, WA 99025

– Once Civil Service receives your completed application to include all required documents, you will be sent a confirmation email from a Civil Service Specialist with information regarding the next processing round.

– At the end of each processing round (typically the last weekday of every month), all complete applications will be sent an email with information about your Public Safety Test Personal History Statement(PHS), Waivers, and additional required documents which must be submitted to the Sheriff’s Training Unit Background Investigations Unit by the specific due date listed in this email.

– All applicants who submit their Personal History Statement, Waivers, and additional required documents by the due date will be placed on the eligibility list.

** TIP: These forms must be completed in their entirety to be considered for employment. The top two reasons for being disqualified are the following:

      1. The form is incomplete.
      1. The applicant falsifies information on the form.
        Remember, we are “the police”. Our department has expert background investigators who will find out if you fabricate, withhold, or are dishonest about the information you provide. This is an automatic disqualification. It will prevent you from EVER working for the Spokane County Sheriff’s Office. It’s just not worth it!

– Applicants with no automatic disqualifiers listed on their PHS may be invited in for an oral board interview. (See Step Two)

– Applicants who pass the oral board interview will be scheduled for a pre-background interview by Sheriff’s Background Investigators at a later date.

– If an applicant is not invited back for a pre-background interview, they can assume they did not pass their oral board interview.

– An applicant is not officially removed from the list until they are notified directly by Civil Service.

– Applicants who are selected for further processing and eventually selected for hire will be notified by the Sheriff’s Training Unit. (See Step Three)


STEP ONE (Lateral Applicants):

Physical Agility Test

Test Description:

These series of obstacles and tasks have been designed to create an assessment of the physical abilities necessary to perform essential police related job tasks. The test will be a timed event up to the completion of Station #7. The test consists of the following:

Start Position: Seated in Patrol Car with seatbelt on

– Station #1: Agility Course

– Station #2: Over/Under Obstacle

– Station #3: 30 lb.Object Carry-20 yards

– Station #4 Downed Officer/Victim Rescue 50-ft. drag to cover

– Station #5 4 ft.Ditch Jump

– Station #6: Chain Link Fence Climb

– Station #7: Patrol Car Push 25-ft. (time stops)

– Station #8: Grip Strength (90 lbs.dominant hand, 80 lbs.non-dominant hand)

All components of the test, with the exception of Station #8, are timed continuously. Applicants will be required to complete Station #1 -#7 within 2 minutes 45 seconds.

Test Rules:

  1. Arrive early for the test

    Failure to arrive on time will result in disqualification from the testing process. Exceptions will be granted in the case of an emergency or with proper prior notice. Photo identification is required at check-in.

  2. Wear appropriate clothing

    Do not wear clothing that is restrictive for movement. It may be helpful to check related weather reports for temperature conditions expected for the day of testing. Suggested attire may include: athletic shoes, t-shirts, shorts, sweat shirts, sweat pants, etc. The only equipment that will be supplied by the Spokane County Sheriff’s Office is the ballistic vest that you will wear during the test.

  3. Follow all instructions given by Sheriff’s Office personnel and Civil Service

    Personnel will be available to answer questions prior to the administration of the test. Once you begin the test, your overall time will be tracked, and you will be monitored to ensure you proceed through the test in the correct manner and complete all stations to standard. Failure to do so will eliminate you from moving further in the hiring process. If you should do something incorrectly at a station and the standard allows you to do it again, personnel at that station will instruct you on what you will need to do correctly to keep you from being disqualified. The personnel will only act to enforce rules at the station and will not offer advice on the best techniques for completing the course. You will have three opportunities to complete each station.

  4. Once applicant begins test, they must remain on the course until completion

    Once you begin the test, you must remain on the course until it is completed or time expires. You may rest at any time, but the time continues to run on the clock. If you choose to withdraw from the test/course, you may do so at any time and must communicate this to personnel administering the test.

Test Set Up for Proctors:
Prior to the administration of the test, applicants will be taken on a walk-through of the course to familiarize them with the course, each station, and the rules for the course. Once the test begins, there will be only one applicant on the course at a time.

The applicant will be given a ballistic vest to put on. The applicant will be seated in a patrol car with the seat belt fastened and the door closed. Time will start when the door is opened by the applicant. The applicant will sprint to Station #1.

Station #1/Agility Course
The applicant will negotiate a series of cone weaves and curb height jumps to test their mobility while running. The applicant will run to Station #2.

Station #2/Over/Under Obstacle
The applicant will then change direction to the west and encounter the vehicle gate to the playing field. This obstacle can be negotiated either by going under or over the gate arm, whichever the applicant chooses. The applicant may vault or climb over the gate arm, but will not hurdle the gate arm. The applicant will run to Station #3.

Station #3/30lb Object Carry
The applicant will pick up the 30-lb object and carry it 20 yards and set it down. The applicant will not be allowed to run while carrying the object. The applicant will run to Station #4.

Station #4/Downed Officer/Victim Rescue
The applicant will encounter the victim/dummy. The applicant must drag the dummy 60 feet to a position of cover. The applicant will approach the dummy from behind, slide your arms underneath the armpits of the dummy, and lift upwards as you drag. The entire dummy must be positioned behind cover before this station is complete. The applicant will run to Station #5.

Station#5/4ft Ditch Jump
The applicant will approach the simulated ditch, marked by cones and Crime Scene tape, and jump the 4ft span. The applicant will then run to Station #6.

Station #6/Chain Link Fence Climb
The applicant will approach the chain link fence in the area marked with cones and must successfully climb over the fence. The applicant will then run to Station #7.

Station #7/Patrol Car Push
The applicant will return to the patrol car. The applicant will be required to push the vehicle from a stopped position (while the vehicle is in neutral) 25 feet forward on a level surface. The start and stop positions will be clearly marked by traffic cones. Once the vehicle is completely past the stop cone, the time is stopped. The applicant will move to Station #8.

Station #8/Grip Strength
The applicant will be handed the grip strength device. The applicant will squeeze the device with one hand at a time. The applicant must achieve at least 90 pounds of pressure with their dominant hand and 80 pounds of pressure with their non-dominant hand. The applicant will be given three attempts to pass.

Lateral applicants will be required to complete Stations 1-7 within 2 minutes and 45 seconds.



Oral Board Interview

After you are placed on the eligibility list, our Sheriff’s Training Unit may contact you for an Oral Board Interview. There is no time frame for this, so BE PATIENT!

Prior to your Oral Board interview, the following are strongly recommended:

  1. View/Read the 10 ways to be an outstanding Deputy Sheriff candidate;
  2. Speak with a recruiter to answer questions you may have about being a deputy with SCSO. Contact us at This can also be completed during a Ride-Along. (See below)
  3. Complete a Ride-Along with a Deputy Sheriff! Fill out the Ride-Along Request Form and the Ride-Along Waiver and e-mail them to OR drop the completed forms off at either one of our precincts at: 12710 E. Sprague Ave. Spokane Valley, WA or 1100 W. Mallon Spokane, WA. Please provide a clear/legible copy of your driver’s license with the Ride-Along Form.

Ride-Along Request Form Download
Ride-Along Waiver Form Download

What is the Oral Board?

This is a panel of up to 3 members of Command Staff who conduct oral board interviews of applicants.

This process is designed to evaluate the applicant’s ability to:

  • Be professional
  • Think critically
  • Show leadership
  • Use common sense
  • Make decisions
  • Demonstrate agency knowledge
  • Demonstrate law enforcement knowledge
  • After successful completion of the OB, applicants will be scheduled for a pre-background interview and given instructions to get fingerprinted by the Forensics Unit.



Conditional Offer of Employment

Once you have successful gotten to this point, the Spokane County Sheriff’s Office may extend you a conditional offer of employment.

The offer is conditional on you passing the following:

  1. A polygraph test
  2. A psychological evaluation
  3. A complete medical physical test
  4. The Criminal Justice Training Commission’s Basic Law Enforcement Academy


This process, from start to finish, can take anywhere from one month to six months, or longer. The factors which determine the time frame include the resources available to process you and many other factors. Contact the SCSO Recruitment Team or Spokane County Civil Service at 509-477-4711 with any additional questions you may have.