Yes, for intermediate and full lateral applicants who are successfully hired. The current bonus is $25,000 (please review job posting for bonus information and payout details).

For entry-level deputies, the current bonus is $10,000 (please review job posting for bonus information and payout details).

That is dependent on several factors. For entry level, they must first take the Public Safety Test and then are placed on our list. We have a very streamlined process to reduce the amount of time, but it is also dependent on the applicant’s attention to returning necessary documents and their availability to interview and take various exams such as the physical, psychological and medical.

NO – you can live in an adjoining county or even Idaho so long as you can be in Spokane County or Spokane Valley (depending on your work assignment) at the start of your shift.

Patrol deputies have multiple choices for duty uniforms. They can wear a typical patrol uniform (collared button up shirt and pants), a modified uniform consisting of 5.11 pants and undervest collared shirt, or the Utility Jumpsuit. An external vest carrier option is available to wear with the undervest shirt or jumpsuit and is very popular.

Commissioned members are issued the Glock model 45 (9mm) for duty carry. Patrol personnel are also issued the Glock 43 (9mm) for on-duty backup carry. Deputies may carry an alternate pistol on duty as long as it is approved by a department armorer. Deputies are also issued a patrol rifle with red dot sights and a shotgun.

Selection of a work shift is based entirely on seniority in your current rank when working patrol. The work location is based on your preference and the needs of the agency. Most people’s request to work a certain area are granted but not guaranteed.

The Basic Law Enforcement Academy for new recruits is 720 hours long.

The Equivalency Academy for out-of-state laterals is 2 weeks long and can be done online after being hired.

Those applicants who successfully complete all processing and accept a final offer of employment are then put in line to attend the next available Academy offered by the WA State Criminal Justice Training Commission (CJTC).

The CJTC determines how many positions each agency gets in a Basic Law Enforcement Academy class. There is an Academy campus in Spokane, Pasco, and Burien. We try to keep as many students here locally but that is never guaranteed.

The Spokane County Sheriff’s Office is the primary responsible agency for Law Enforcement Services within the borders of Spokane County outside of the cities of Spokane, Liberty Lake, Cheney, and Airway Heights. SCSO provides contract LE services to the cities of Spokane Valley, Deer Park, Medical Lake, Millwood, Spangle, Waverly, Rockford, Fairfield and Latah.

Spokane Valley PD is one of two Precincts for the SCSO. The City of Spokane Valley was part of unincorporated Spokane County until they created their own city in 2003. Because of the excellent service, reputation and relationships made prior, the City of Spokane Valley continued to request Law Enforcement services from the Spokane County Sheriff’s Office instead of creating their own police department. This is the largest LE contract for policing services in WA state and based on the mutual advantages, there is no reason to believe it will not continue to strengthen in the future.

  • County Population = 523,000
  • 11% growth from 2010
  • 43,000+ Veterans
  • Median house value = $224,800
  • 93% with Diploma, 30% with Bachelor’s Degree
  • Median household income = $57k
  • Largest Employer = Fairchild Air Force Base
  • Square Miles = 1,763
  • Spokane Valley Population = 101,060 (8th largest city in WA)
  • SWAT *
  • TAC (Crowd/Riot control team)
  • Motors
  • Traffic
  • Air Support Unit *
  • Bomb Squad *
  • K9 *
  • Field Training Officer *
  • Armorer *
  • Firearms Instructor
  • Reality Based Training Instructor
  • Marine Enforcement Unit *
  • Search and Rescue
  • Crime Prevention
  • Safe Streets Task Force *#
  • Auto Theft Task Force *
  • Robbery and Homicide #
  • Sexual Assault Unit #
  • Property and Drug Units *#
  • DEA Task Force #
  • Commercial Motor Vehicle Enforcement
  • Training Unit
  • Civil Unit
  • Hostage Negotiator *

There are far more available positions on SWAT than K9, but both require an advanced set of skills to include problem solving, patrol deputy tactics, common sense and ability to operate as a team and independently. Most SWAT operators have at least 3-5 years of total experience. Most deputies assigned to K9 have longer on the job and a prerequisite is participating as a quarry (working with the K9 teams in training in the bite suit).

There are numerous places to find information on how best to prepare. Modern law enforcement requires deputies to be self-starters, problem solvers, liability manager, decision makers, team members, empathetic and caring public servants who desire to maintain the highest levels of integrity. Entry Level deputy applicants can find study material online by visiting: There is no written examination for Deputy Sheriff-Intermediate Lateral applicants or Deputy Sheriff-Lateral applicants; a Training & Experience form will be used for placement on those eligibility lists.

No, the Jail in Spokane County is a separate correctional agency and not affiliated with the Spokane County Sheriff’s Office. After being hired, you will typically attend in-house training and then head to the Basic Law Enforcement Academy (BLEA) and then the Field Training Program (FTO phase) in Patrol before being released to solo duty. Lateral applicants will attend in-house training and then the CTJC Equivalency Academy (2 weeks) along with the FTO phase.

No, we are not mandating the COVID vaccine for employees.


Please submit all your previous work experience. If you run out of room, there is space on the last page for Additional Comments where you can list the rest of your work history.

If you cannot remember your previous roommates’ contact information, please write “Unknown” in the spaces provided. Do not leave any boxes blank. You may also write “NA” which means not applicable. Then, please write a brief explanation for your answers on this section on the last page of the application labeled Additional Comments.

You still need to list the employer even if they no longer exist. You may provide a brief explanation for this on the last page of the application labeled Additional Comments.

Yes, please sign the PID Form even if you are unsure if you have previous law enforcement experience. Examples of law enforcement agencies include police departments, sheriff’s departments, federal law enforcement agencies, jails, prisons, and juvenile detention centers. If the waiver is not necessary, the personnel coordinator will destroy it for you.

Please fill out each section to the best of your ability. If you only remember the military base where you were stationed, please use that information.

When you apply, you must provide your original birth certificate (copies will not be accepted) and a copy of your social security card. If you do not have one or both items, you will need to request them and turn in a copy of the receipt with your application. You must provide the Spokane County Sheriff’s Office with these items before you can proceed in the hiring process.

To request a copy of your birth certificate, you will need to contact the state in which you were born and make a Vital Records request. Each state is different, so you will need to research where/how to request this item.

To request a copy of your social security card you will need to visit the following website and click on “Replace Card”:

You are applying to the Spokane County Sheriff’s Office, so please use that title on the top of the page.

Public Safety Testing/Deputy Sheriff-Entry Level applicants:

Personal History Statement (PHS) and additional background forms must contain all required information. Failure to follow written or verbal instructions reflects poorly on the candidate, and in most cases may result in disqualification. Public safety positions demand rigorous attention to detail and thoroughness. Sloppy, incomplete, and error-filled paperwork indicates the candidate's lack of professional attitude. Sheriff's Office Policy 1003.4 (f)(2) states: "The following shall be disqualifying: Submission of an incomplete Personal History Statement (PHS) that lacks essential personal background data." If applicants do not list 7-10 references, they may be disqualified from further processing.

All other applicant positions:

Be sure to read the instructions on the form. Fill this section out as completely as possible. Do not leave any sections blank. You may list friends, family friends, teachers, coaches, mentors, tutors, military colleagues, neighbors, classmates, and/or coworkers.

  • To find a notary in your area, check with your local USPS location, UPS store, or a local financial institution, such as a bank. Most offices have staff who can notarize forms for you. Please be aware that they may charge a fee for doing so. Our Training Unit staff also can notarize application forms for free, however, please call ahead to schedule a time to do so.
  • Our Training Unit staff also can notarize application forms for free, however, please call ahead to schedule a time to do so.
    • Call: 509-477-3556 to schedule an appointment.
    • You can also contact Ginna Vasquez at the Board of County Commissioners (BOCC) to schedule a notary service. Her direct phone number is: 509-477-2268.

Please read the instructions on the form. You must list all traffic citations that you have received in the last seven years. You do not need to list any parking citations. If you do not remember the exact date of the citation or if you received a ticket, please describe the event as best as you can. Give an estimated date that the incident occurred and then write a brief explanation on the last page of the application under “Additional Comments.”

To be eligible for take-home patrol vehicle, employees assigned to SCSO unincorporated patrol must reside within Spokane County or within 20 miles of the border of Spokane County. Spokane Valley patrol personnel must live within Spokane County or within 20 miles of the City limits of Spokane Valley.

The Spokane County Sheriff’s Office works with the Criminal Justice Training Committee (CJTC) to place applicants into an academy once they are hired by the Sheriff’s Office. The Sheriff’s Office will try to accommodate an employee into the Spokane academy, but it is not guaranteed. Factors that determine placement are hire date, availability of the next academy, etc.

You can contact the Employment Security Department in Washington (or another state, if applicable) to request a full list of your employment history. You are entitled to get a copy of your own Employment Security Department Report. There is also a section for each employment history field where you can leave notes; if you are unsure or unable to verify, notate that the dates are an estimate.

For military employment/residence, please include your basic training information, unit/company assigned to, and duty/station.